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April 8, 2019

The Love of an Amish Father

Can Noah find happiness after his father deceives his community?

Mary Jotter had never liked numbers, but she was always good with them. When Abel Schwartz, Noah’s father, visited her parents to discuss their investment, Mary sensed something was amiss. She decides to investigate a little and what she finds is more frightening than she ever imagined.

When Noah hears of the Jotter’s trouble with their investment, he tries to contact his father. But Abel Schwartz had disappeared, leaving Noah and his grandfather to answer the questions about the loss of the entire community’s investments. 

Even as the community turns to Noah for answers, Mary finds herself offering him a shoulder to lean on. While the search for Abel continues, Mary and Noah fall in love. She is certain that they can put Abel’s betrayal behind them when Noah proposes.

When Abel returns to Holmes County on their wedding day, Mary is devastated that Abel had to ruin her wedding as well as steal her parents’ money. Will Mary and Noah ever be able to put Abel’s betrayal behind them? Can Abel face up to the consequences of his actions? Enjoy this intriguing sweet Amish romance as Noah struggles to keep his head high after his father’s betrayal. Perhaps love could come from the misery, after all.

April 8, 2019

A Choice Between Two Brothers

A choice between two brothers – which would she choose?

That was the question Mary King faced. For years she’d had a secret admiration for David Lapp who was a carpenter at her father’s business. When David’s father passes away, he and Mary speak for the first time, and she hopes it won’t be the last.

David found the moment just as momentous. Although he had liked Mary for years, his innate shyness always kept him from pursuing her. Eventually, David gathers the courage to attend a Sunday singing with one goal in mind, to ask Mary to ride home with him afterward.

But David’s brother, John, isn't going to let that happen. Making his brother's life as miserable as possible become John’s life goal. When he notices his brother's interest in Mary King, he decides to court her instead.

Will Mary fall for John’s less than sincere attentions or will she wait for David to finally ask her to court? How much longer can John harbor hate for his bruder and where did the resentment come from? Will David eventually escape his bruder’s wrath? Will true love finally find a path?

March 4, 2019

Amish Dreams

Do not envy thy neighbor’s wife…

That was the hardest commandment Noah Fischer ever had to follow when the new neighbors moved in next door. Ruth Yoder was young, vibrant and beautiful, her husband old enough to be her father. For weeks Noah struggles with the interest he has for Ruth until he finds out her husband isn’t her husband, he’s her father.

Ruth and her father Peter moved to Lancaster from Ohio after her mother passed. The memories became too hard to face, her father drawing more and more into himself. When they arrive in Lancaster she hopes of a brighter future for the both of them.

Over time she falls in love with Noah but it's hard loving a man who can’t follow his dreams. Working on his parent’s dairy farm, Noah’s always wanted to be a carpenter but he refuses to let his parents down. Ruth’s father is a carpenter but can’t summon the courage to work again after her mother’s death.

Will Ruth find love? Can Noah fulfill his dream without letting his parents down? Follow this incredible journey of the daily challenges that Amish face and find out there will be a bright future for Ruth and her father in Lancaster County.

February 1, 2019

The Amish Love Seat

Anna Zook’s love seat is fabled throughout her Amish community at being able to bring couples together, but its biggest challenge awaits.

Rachel Miller is only twenty years old, but in her familye she’s already considered an old maid. What they don’t understand is that Rachel isn’t ready to get married; as a carer for the ill and the old, Rachel has her hands full enough without a husband and a demanding familye.

Anna Zook, the town matchmaker, whom Rachel cares for, matches Rachel with Noah Beiler. Noah might be wealthy and attractive, but he isn’t what Rachel had in mind for her happily ever after.

But Anna is keeping a dark secret of her own, and when it is discovered, it makes Rachel rethink her choices. Will the revelation result in Rachel accepting Anna’s match or will another opportunity present itself? Will the love seat’s magic fail or does it have its own secrets from the past?

January 17, 2019

Seeking Naomi’s Heart

An Englischer, the boy her parents had chosen for her, and her friend’s brother – will Naomi find the love she is seeking?

Naomi Bawell is head over heels in love with her boss, Marcus. Although he is an Englischer Naomi can’t help the way she feels about Marcus. He’s generous and kind and makes her heart skip a beat every time he smiles in her direction.

But her parents have no idea about Naomi’s infatuation with the Englischer. Instead, they are worried that she will become a spinster since at the age of twenty-four she is yet to start courting. They devise a plan to match Naomi and Elmer Fischer without her knowledge.

Even as Naomi wades through uncertain waters while courted by Elmer and still in love with Marcus, she doesn’t notice Levi Hauptfleisch. As her best friend’s brother, Levi has always been there but Naomi’s has never taken a second look.

When certain events take place that makes Naomi realize how brittle life can be and how quickly things can change, it’s time for her to look into her heart and face what she finds.

Will Marcus be able to compete with the Amish boys vying for Naomi’s heart? Can Elmer make Naomi see that he is the better man? Will Levi always remain in the shadows? Find out in this clean Amish romance and let your heart be taken on a wild ride of romance, deceit, and loss.

January 11, 2019

Lovina’s Choice

When the boy that broke her heart returns to Lancaster County, can Lovina learn to fall in love again?

Lovina fell in love with Noah Zook when she was just nineteen, she was planning a future with him, waiting for the proposal when he suddenly broke her heart and left Lancaster County. Heartbroken and mistrusting of love Lovina vowed never to fall in love again. Her parents want nothing more than to see their daughter happily married and arranges a courtship between her and Stephen Ropp.

When she becomes friends with quiet and shy Aaron Graber, Lovina is surprised to find how much she enjoys spending time with Aaron. As their friendship grows, so does her feelings for Aaron. Until the day of the barn raising when Noah returns after two years.

Confused and surprised Lovina is faced with Noah for the first time again. He declares he never stopped loving her, but can Lovina believe him after he let her down once before. As she tries to shy away from her parents arranged courtship with Stephen, trying to decide how she feels about Noah, Lovina spends more and more time with Aaron.

When disaster strikes a second time, Lovina is forced to face her feelings and make a decision that would determine the rest of her life.

Enjoy this heartwarming sweet Amish romance as Lovina Raber learns to love and trust again. Will she fall for the boy her parents have arranged, or will she rekindle her feelings with Noah? Can her friendship with Aaron possibly turn into something more? Find out now and enjoy the ups and downs of falling in love in Lancaster County.

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