July 5, 2019

The Promised Amish Girl

Since their birth, Leah and David were promised to each other, but that promise wasn’t made by them. 

Leah Miller struggles to ignore her mother’s hints about her impending nuptials to David Raber. She knows their mothers had planned their wedding since the day they were born, but Leah is having doubts.

David has tried his best to be everything his parents and his bishop want him to be, but he still isn’t happy. Now with the arranged marriage hanging over his head, it’s time for David to decide what he wants from life, and suddenly he’s not so sure it’s living the Amish way.

Eli King inherited a farm from his father. Although he isn’t wealthy, he gets by. He’s had his eye on Leah Miller for years but doesn’t seem to have the courage to take it any further. When a mutual friend sets them up, the connection is instant, until Eli learns she’s betrothed to another.

How can Leah marry one man while in love with another? Can David stand up to his parents and his bishop and do what his heart asks of him? How long will Eli be patient before he finally steps away from a future with Leah? 

June 24, 2019

Ruby’s Regret

Three friends. Two sisters. One agreed marriage. What could possibly go wrong?

Jacob, Mary and Ruby had been friends forever. When Jacob and Ruby’s betrothal is announced, they couldn’t be happier. They begin planning a future together, falling in love a little more with every passing season, neither of the two realizing Mary’s unhappiness.

Mary plots a deceitful plan to break up the young sweethearts… and succeeds. Jacob is furious, Ruby is heartbroken but neither realize that they have been fooled by Mary. When Ruby’s parents decide it’s best to send her away to recover from the heartache, Mary grabs the chance to finally have Jacob to herself.

At first Ruby struggles to find her feet in the new town. But Ruby soon learns that there is more to life than just love. She begins baking for a bakery in town and even though she doesn’t want to fall in love again, she can’t deny her attraction to the bakery owner.

Will Ruby and Jacob ever learn of Mary’s deceit? Can Ruby find love again or will her whole world fall apart when the truth is revealed? This is a sweet Amish romance tainted with deceit, jealousy and the power of forgiving. Enjoy the story as Ruby tries to rebuild her life in the hopes of one day finding true love.

June 24, 2019

The Amish Cradle

Rock a bye baby in the Zook Cradle.

When the town matchmaker, Sarah Zook, introduced Hannah to her future husband, Levi, Hannah believed her life couldn’t be more perfect. Levi was all she ever wanted and their happy ever after was just beginning. All they needed for their dreams to come true was to have a baby to grace the Zook cradle that Sarah’s husband had made before his sudden death. 

Until Hannah fell pregnant….

Hannah was devastated at losing her baby. Not only did she question her ability as a woman, but she began questioning her faith. She develops an unlikely friendship with the town matchmaker. Not only did Sarah suffer through the same devastating loss, but she understood Hannah like no other. Hannah wanted nothing more than to place a baby in the Zook cradle, but it seemed as if God had forsaken her and dashed her dreams of being a mother. 

Follow Hannah’s journey as she finds friendship in an unlikely person, struggles through tragic times and loses her faith in God. Will the hardship ruin her marriage? Can Hannah trust in God again? Will the town matchmaker prove to have one last trick up her sleeve to save the day? Find out now in this sweet Amish romance. 

June 24, 2019

Missing Love

All Esther’s dreams came true… until they were ripped from her without warning.

Esther fell in love at the age of five. When she finally married the boy of her dreams she knew her future would hold nothing but happiness. Jacob was the love of her life and had they only been blessed with a boppli; their lives couldn’t have been happier. The one dream that wouldn’t come true. After just three years of wedded bliss Jacob died unexpectedly, leaving Esther shattered, alone, and pregnant. 

After six weeks of trying to keep Jacob’s business open, Noah Miller can’t continue burning the candle at both ends. He hires a store manager, Daniel Fischer, to take charge of the store until Esther is in a better state of mind to make decisions about the store’s future.

When Esther finds out her father hired a replacement for her husband in his own business, she is devastated. And then a life changing revelation is made, and Esther fears she is losing her faith. Why would God take her husband with one hand and answer her prayers with the other? She tries her best to be indifferent to Daniel Fischer but something about him makes her dream of the future again.

Will Esther learn to open her heart to love again? Can Daniel accept another man’s child as his own? Follow this sweet heartfelt journey as Esther works through the grief of losing a husband and the scary prospect of falling in love again. 

June 24, 2019

The Amish Voice

Rumspringa is a time for running free, exploring what the Englisch world has to offer, but for Becka Raber, it was much more than that.

From an early age, Becka didn’t feel like she belonged. She couldn’t cook, sew, quilt or any of those things expected of an Amish girl. By the time her rumspringa dawned, Becka was certain it was her chance to find her place in the world, because for years Becka knew that she belonged among the Englisch.

During a weekend to the city, Becka meets Aaron Fischer. He’s as Amish as they come and proud of it. Aaron can’t wait to be baptized into their faith and find his future in the community. Becka immediately feels a connection. The problem comes in with her having no intention of being baptized.

Follow this sweet Amish romance as Becka tries to find herself while also retaining the love of her life. Can Becka become a voice for the Amish? Will Aaron be able to sway Becka’s decision, or is it already too late?

April 8, 2019

The Love of an Amish Father

Can Noah find happiness after his father deceives his community?

Mary Jotter had never liked numbers, but she was always good with them. When Abel Schwartz, Noah’s father, visited her parents to discuss their investment, Mary sensed something was amiss. She decides to investigate a little and what she finds is more frightening than she ever imagined.

When Noah hears of the Jotter’s trouble with their investment, he tries to contact his father. But Abel Schwartz had disappeared, leaving Noah and his grandfather to answer the questions about the loss of the entire community’s investments. 

Even as the community turns to Noah for answers, Mary finds herself offering him a shoulder to lean on. While the search for Abel continues, Mary and Noah fall in love. She is certain that they can put Abel’s betrayal behind them when Noah proposes.

When Abel returns to Holmes County on their wedding day, Mary is devastated that Abel had to ruin her wedding as well as steal her parents’ money. Will Mary and Noah ever be able to put Abel’s betrayal behind them? Can Abel face up to the consequences of his actions? Enjoy this intriguing sweet Amish romance as Noah struggles to keep his head high after his father’s betrayal. Perhaps love could come from the misery, after all.

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