June 24, 2019

Ruby’s Regret

Three friends. Two sisters. One agreed marriage. What could possibly go wrong?

Jacob, Mary and Ruby had been friends forever. When Jacob and Ruby’s betrothal is announced, they couldn’t be happier. They begin planning a future together, falling in love a little more with every passing season, neither of the two realizing Mary’s unhappiness.

Mary plots a deceitful plan to break up the young sweethearts… and succeeds. Jacob is furious, Ruby is heartbroken but neither realize that they have been fooled by Mary. When Ruby’s parents decide it’s best to send her away to recover from the heartache, Mary grabs the chance to finally have Jacob to herself.

At first Ruby struggles to find her feet in the new town. But Ruby soon learns that there is more to life than just love. She begins baking for a bakery in town and even though she doesn’t want to fall in love again, she can’t deny her attraction to the bakery owner.

Will Ruby and Jacob ever learn of Mary’s deceit? Can Ruby find love again or will her whole world fall apart when the truth is revealed? This is a sweet Amish romance tainted with deceit, jealousy and the power of forgiving. Enjoy the story as Ruby tries to rebuild her life in the hopes of one day finding true love.


Hannah Schrock is the author of numerous Amish Romance and Amish Mystery books.

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