June 24, 2019

The Amish Cradle

Rock a bye baby in the Zook Cradle.

When the town matchmaker, Sarah Zook, introduced Hannah to her future husband, Levi, Hannah believed her life couldn’t be more perfect. Levi was all she ever wanted and their happy ever after was just beginning. All they needed for their dreams to come true was to have a baby to grace the Zook cradle that Sarah’s husband had made before his sudden death. 

Until Hannah fell pregnant….

Hannah was devastated at losing her baby. Not only did she question her ability as a woman, but she began questioning her faith. She develops an unlikely friendship with the town matchmaker. Not only did Sarah suffer through the same devastating loss, but she understood Hannah like no other. Hannah wanted nothing more than to place a baby in the Zook cradle, but it seemed as if God had forsaken her and dashed her dreams of being a mother. 

Follow Hannah’s journey as she finds friendship in an unlikely person, struggles through tragic times and loses her faith in God. Will the hardship ruin her marriage? Can Hannah trust in God again? Will the town matchmaker prove to have one last trick up her sleeve to save the day? Find out now in this sweet Amish romance. 


Hannah Schrock is the author of numerous Amish Romance and Amish Mystery books.

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