April 8, 2019

The Love of an Amish Father

Can Noah find happiness after his father deceives his community?

Mary Jotter had never liked numbers, but she was always good with them. When Abel Schwartz, Noah’s father, visited her parents to discuss their investment, Mary sensed something was amiss. She decides to investigate a little and what she finds is more frightening than she ever imagined.

When Noah hears of the Jotter’s trouble with their investment, he tries to contact his father. But Abel Schwartz had disappeared, leaving Noah and his grandfather to answer the questions about the loss of the entire community’s investments. 

Even as the community turns to Noah for answers, Mary finds herself offering him a shoulder to lean on. While the search for Abel continues, Mary and Noah fall in love. She is certain that they can put Abel’s betrayal behind them when Noah proposes.

When Abel returns to Holmes County on their wedding day, Mary is devastated that Abel had to ruin her wedding as well as steal her parents’ money. Will Mary and Noah ever be able to put Abel’s betrayal behind them? Can Abel face up to the consequences of his actions? Enjoy this intriguing sweet Amish romance as Noah struggles to keep his head high after his father’s betrayal. Perhaps love could come from the misery, after all.


Hannah Schrock is the author of numerous Amish Romance and Amish Mystery books.

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