July 5, 2019

The Promised Amish Girl

Since their birth, Leah and David were promised to each other, but that promise wasn’t made by them. 

Leah Miller struggles to ignore her mother’s hints about her impending nuptials to David Raber. She knows their mothers had planned their wedding since the day they were born, but Leah is having doubts.

David has tried his best to be everything his parents and his bishop want him to be, but he still isn’t happy. Now with the arranged marriage hanging over his head, it’s time for David to decide what he wants from life, and suddenly he’s not so sure it’s living the Amish way.

Eli King inherited a farm from his father. Although he isn’t wealthy, he gets by. He’s had his eye on Leah Miller for years but doesn’t seem to have the courage to take it any further. When a mutual friend sets them up, the connection is instant, until Eli learns she’s betrothed to another.

How can Leah marry one man while in love with another? Can David stand up to his parents and his bishop and do what his heart asks of him? How long will Eli be patient before he finally steps away from a future with Leah? 


Hannah Schrock is the author of numerous Amish Romance and Amish Mystery books.

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