A Cherished Amish Christmas Collection

Experience the magic and joy of a simple Amish Christmas with this selection of extraordinary holiday romance stories.

Enjoy the highs and lows as our Amish heroines search for love in often difficult circumstances. Will they have the faith that love always finds a way?

This collection contains the following clean Christmas romance stories:

A Frozen Christmas

As the winter frost bites, Martha Raber yearns for love, especially from childhood friend Noah Miller, who battles his farm’s looming debt. But when an act of desperation results in disaster, their Christmas takes an unexpected turn.

The Week Before Christmas

Yearly visits bring Sadie and John closer, weaving a tale of unspoken love. Yet, amidst the festive joy, a heart-wrenching secret lurks.

A Christmas Buggy Ride

With the holidays approaching, Esther’s two worlds collide. Will the secrets of her past deny her a chance at true love?

Dreams of Christmases Past

An Amish widow has nothing to look forward to this Christmas. However, on Christmas Eve, her miser boss experiences something magical. The future may not be so bleak after all.

A Bright Christmas

A widowed Amish mother is facing Christmas alone. A handsome Amish man is running from his past.

The Orphan’s Amish Christmas

In the middle of a winter blizzard, a lost orphan girl searches for a home. Can love, faith, and a Christmas miracle give little Carol what she is seeking?

Amish Joy at Christmas

An Amish man feels lost in the world. With Christmas coming, there’s an unexpected chance at love.

An Amish Second Christmas

Beth visits her aunt the day after Christmas each year. There, she meets a boy whose father hates the festive season. Can love rekindle the joy of the holidays in their Amish home?

Amish Christmas Hearts

Sarah’s mother had lost the will to live; her heartbreak had become too much. The man she loved was courting another woman.

The Amish Christmas Angel

Katie finds a mysterious Englisch stranger hiding from the snow in her barn. She discovers that not all angels have wings.

The Amish Christmas Cake

Each year, widow Zook plays matchmaker with a Christmas cake. This year, Elizabeth learns if the tale is myth or magic.

The False Christmas Love

Two Amish friends devise a scheme to stop their parents from meddling in their love lives.

The Amish Christmas Scrooge

A heartless man, a chance encounter, and a mercy dash that could put everyone at risk.

An Amish Christmas Promise

An unexpected meeting during caroling results in a long wait for their next meeting. But love is worth waiting for.

Home for Christmas

The past was full of mistakes and misery, but Christmas always calls lost souls home.

The Christmas Gift

There is only one gift she wants this Christmas. The magic of the season is likely to deliver.

The Amish Christmas Box

After tragedy strikes, a long-standing Christmas tradition is going to be lost forever. Until the new Amish girl in town arrives.

Christmas Tales with the Schwartz Sisters

Three Sisters. Three lonely hearts. Three Christmas Seasons.

Another New Year, Another Blessing

Abandoned by her wicked stepmother, Englischer Sasha seeks refuge in an Amish barn. There, she meets the Graber’s eldest son.

The Amish Christmas Candlemaker

A handsome Englisch stranger causes feelings that Mary has never felt before. But a returning childhood friend complicates the situation.

Double Blessings at Christmas

Can an old family feud be healed?

The Festive Cookie Girl

Abigail faces ruin when a rival baker appears selling cookies.