A Christmas Buggy Ride

Many young Amish girls’ idyllic dream was a romantic buggy ride at Christmas.

But for Esther Miller, the thought of it was nothing more than a nightmare. When Moses King starts showing an interest in Esther, she refuses his advances. But inside, she is torn. She wants a family of her own. But she has secrets that stop her from taking that critical first step in courtship.

When Esther arrives late for work during the busy Christmas season, she finds herself helped by Jake, the son of her tyrannical boss. The handsome Englischer offers Esther everything that Moses can’t. However, Esther’s best friend Hannah decides to play matchmaker. As she tries to help her friends, she slowly unravels why Esther behaves the way she does.

This Christmas, can Esther lay to rest the horrors of the past and find true happiness and peace?