A Frozen Christmas

A Frozen Christmas

An unmarried Amish daughter, a farmer drowning in debt, and a Christmas cold enough to freeze even the warmest of hearts.

Martha Raber was about to experience another lonely Christmas without love. Her parents want her to court and find a husband before she is considered too old. However, Martha only had eyes for one man. A man who had been a childhood friend. A man she knew in her heart would never be interested in her.

This Christmas would be a bleak time for Noah Miller. He was struggling to keep the family farm from being taken from him, having suffered dreadful financial strains since losing his parents. All the time, he keeps an important secret to himself, despite the pain it causes him. Behind the scenes, Martha’s mother is trying to play matchmaker with every available young man in the community.

When Noah acts in desperation, Martha faces a choice; find the courage to do the impossible or watch as more than Christmas is lost.

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