A Prayer for Abigail

Abigail had one prayer, but sometimes it’s hard to understand why our prayers aren’t answered.

Ever since she was a little girl, Abigail dreamed of being a mother. Since she laid eyes on her eldest sister’s newborn at the age of nine, she had prayed to one day have a large family of her own. She surrounded herself with children as a teacher’s assistant and yet when her best friend, Elizabeth, had her first child, Abigail began doubting her dreams would ever come true.

When she met Daniel, she knew that the Lord had sent him to her. Within six months she was a married woman, ready to start a family, but the Lord had other plans. While Elizabeth went on to have five more children, Abigail fell into a well of desperation as she was still without child.

Regardless of Daniel’s faith and encouragement, Abigail felt a longing for a child. After ten years of marriage, Abigail begins to realize that regardless of her deep need to have a baby of her own, perhaps God never intended for her to be a mother. All the while, her best friend is soon expecting her sixth child.

Will Daniel’s faith be strong enough to carry both him and Abigail through this hardship? Can Abigail appreciate all her blessings instead of blaming God for one prayer not answered? Follow this heartfelt journey of a woman’s longing for a child, the strong bond of friendship and how faith can conquer all. Read it now to indulge in an emotional journey that will allow you to witness the highs and lows of everyday life.