A True Christmas Miracle

This Christmas Katie Troyer is hoping for another miracle, but that seems unlikely as her mother’s health battle continues.

Katie had been an only child for a very long time, but that all changed six years ago. On Christmas day her mother had brought Susan into the world, their very own Christmas miracle.

But this year there isn’t a miracle in sight. For the last few months Miriam has been fighting a battle she fears she can’t win. It’s a difficult time for Katie, even more difficult when her mother insists she starts accepting Jacob King’s invitations for a buggy ride.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas Katie falls head over heels in love with Jacob but it’s hard to be happy when she can see her mother’s condition deteriorating. Just when she thinks things cannot get any worse, her mother’s health fails further and everyone starts telling her about seeing Jacob with an Englisch girl.

But Christmas is a time for hope, even in the darkest days. Will this Christmas hold another miracle, or will it only bring heartache to the Troyer home?

Find out now in this sweet Amish romance that will remind you that family means everything and that sometimes even the most obvious things are not as they seem.