A Valentine’s Choice

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, who will Rachel ask to be her Valentine?

Rachel Saltzman is the youngest of seven children. Between her job at the bakery and the chaos of the large family living at home, she barely has a minute to herself. When she catches the eye of the local millionaire’s son, Wes, she knows her life is about to be turned upside down.

Aaron Erb works two jobs just to make ends meet. Aaron’s father was injured in an accident which left him unfit to ever work again. Regardless of the ruthless hours he works, money was always tight. Tight enough for Aaron not to consider courting. How could he find a wife when he couldn’t even care for his own family?

With Valentine’s day approaching, Rachel can’t help but wonder if her heart belongs to the rich Englischer or to the poor Amish boy she’d known almost all her life.

Will Rachel be caught up in the extravagances of the Englisch life, or will she return to her roots to find her future? Find out now in this sweet Amish romance that will remind you that miracles can happen all year long.