Amish New Year Dreams

The new year brings a time of hope, but for Abigail, it brought the dread of her reality.

Abigail Fischer had always been the perfect Amish daughter until she realized that she wasn’t perfect at all. As her Rumspringa draws closer, Abigail comes to accept that she doesn’t have any of the talents her mother and sister do. She comes to doubt if she truly belongs in her community at all.

Every year her family hosts an annual new year’s feast, guests from their community as well as from three communities far come to celebrate the hope the new year will bring. When Abigail meets Saul Muller, a dairy farmer from a different community, for a moment she forgets her doubts.

For the next few months, Abigail and Saul write to each other and bond over tales of Amish life and their different farms. But when Abigail’s Rumspringa arrives she’s eager to explore the Englisch world, leaving Saul and her family behind.

Will Abigail return to her Amish life or will the Englisch world make her feel more at home than any Amish home ever could? Find out now in this tale of hope, sweet romance, and new dreams.