An Amish Second Christmas

Christmas is a time of celebration for many but for some, it can be a time of sadness and heartache.

From the first time Beth Weaver saw the sad little boy playing in the yard across her aunt’s fence, something tugged at her heart. For years to follow Beth looked forward to Second-Christmas because that meant she would see him again.

Elmo Mast lost his mother on Christmas Day when he was only two years old. Although he doesn’t remember her, his father’s constant mourning reminds him every year. His father avoided happiness and hated Christmas as if it were the cause of his wife’s death. But Elmo found joy in Beth and the letters she began writing to him.

As Beth learns more about Elmo’s father and the grief that presides over them every day, she wishes all the more to bring him joy. When she hit sixteen, she hoped that at Christmas she and Elmo could finally find that joy together.

But Elmo was gone…

Can a Christmas miracle bring the joy of Christmas back to Elmo and his father? Will Beth find him, even two years after his disappearance? Enjoy this sweet Christmas Amish romance that will remind you of the true magic of Christmas.