Challenges of Love

Some friendships are strong enough to withstand the challenges of life, but can they withstand the challenge of love?

Abram, Jacob and Anna had been friends their whole lives. Ever since Anna could remember they had been part of her life. As they grew older, they each had their own ambitions, and yet their friendships continued. They continued to attend Sunday singings although none of them had yet started courting years after their baptism.

When Anna realizes her feelings for Jacob are stronger than the feelings one would have for a friend, she feels lost and unsure of what to do. She keeps her feelings to herself, praying for guidance not to have her feelings ruin their friendship. But when Abram suddenly falls ill, Anna is forced to put her feelings aside to focus on him.

Diagnosed with life-threatening heart disease, Abram declares his undying love for Anna. Caught in a love triangle she never imagined, Anna is faced with an impossible decision. Honor Abram’s father’s wishes and pretend to reciprocate his love or choose her own happiness over that of a dying friend’s?

This heartwarming Amish romance will have you laughing, crying, and realizing that every day is a gift.