Challenging Love

A buggy accident almost claimed her life, but it also gave her a chance at love.

Sarah Yoder has been too preoccupied with running the family stall at the flea market to even consider courting.

Adam Lemke has always been a little awkward. At 6 foot 2, he had been teased since kindergarten in their small community for his sheer size. While most of his friends have begun courting Adam simply didn’t have the courage or the self-esteem to ask the one girl he liked on a buggy ride.

When Sarah and her brother are in a horrific buggy accident, it’s Adam that comes to the rescue. While facing the most challenging time of her life, Sarah finds support and kindness in the most unexpected of places.

Will Sarah and Adam be able to find love regardless of the misconceptions of the community? What devastating consequences will this accident have on her family? Find out now in this sweet Amish romance that will remind you that first impressions are not always right and that family remains the only constant in life.