Dreams of Christmases Past

A poor Amish Widow, a heartless wealthy miser and dreams of Christmases from long past.

Emma Graber had resorted to working for elderly recluse Amos Hemluth to make ends meet. After her husband died in tragic circumstances over the holidays, leaving her pregnant and a widow aged just twenty, she didn’t know how she would cope. She hired Daniel to manage her small Amish farm, but times were hard, and money was in short supply.

After a problematic harvest, Emma was steadily sinking. Without two dimes to rub together, Amos’s miserable nature, and Christmas only days away, Emma has no way to put food on the table. Amos makes her life a misery, but she has no way of quitting, especially so close to Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, Amos experiences something strange: He faces a choice to continue on his current path or become a different man.

Can dreams of Christmases from the past spark feelings that Amos thought had been lost forever? Can Emma learn to put aside her feelings of Christmastime dread? Will there be a future Amish Christmas full of love and joy?

This is a lengthened and improved second edition of Dreams of Christmases Past.