Falling in Love with Christmas

An adopted Amish orphan, a wealthy Amish farmer, stunning Amish quilts and a Christmas that changes lives forever.

Naomi Ash lost her parents in a terrible accident at Christmas, leaving her an orphan. Understandably she fell out of love with Christmas and life in general.

Her adopted family, the Peachys, loved her as their own, and Lydia was as much a sister to her as if she had been born into the family. Try as they might, they couldn’t get her to engage with the world. Instead, Naomi would hide away from life using her talent of making the best Amish quilts you would ever see as an excuse.

Samuel was the heir to the wealthiest farm in the Amish community. He knew from the moment he saw Naomi that she was the woman he had been waiting years to meet.

Naomi has a choice; continue on her current path where she feels happy and safe or risk everything for the chance of love.

Would Samuel be given a chance to love Naomi? Can Christmas find a way of weaving magic? Could the Amish quilt maker fall in love with Christmas and life again?