Footprints In The Snow

A storm, a mystery, a miracle.

The Troyer family are excitedly preparing for Christmas. This year, they are having guests for Christmas Dinner: Jacob Troyer’s girlfriend, Hannah Byler, and her mother, Esther.

However, news reaches them that the worst storm in half a century is on the way to the town of Christmas Hollow. Preparations have to be made.

Jacob, Hannah, and Esther are caught in its wrath when the storm strikes earlier than expected. However, a typical Christmas is put on hold when the Troyers discover a little English girl lost in the snow. She has no recollection of anything, including her name.

Amidst the howling winds and swirling snowflakes, questions arise.

Who is this mysterious child? Can the Troyers unravel her identity and reunite her with her family before Christmas? In this tale of miracles and secrets, love blossoms in unexpected ways, and the spirit of the season may just bring a surprise of its own.