Forbidden Love

When shame is cast over Samuel’s family, Rachel is devastated that she is forbidden to see him ever again.

Ever since they could remember, Rachel and Samuel had been friends. Years later that friendship had started to turn into something more. Both are overjoyed when declarations of love are made, but their happiness is short-lived when events outside their control rip them apart.

When Samuel’s sister is shunned her father prohibits her from ever seeing him again. He refuses to allow the shame Samuel’s sister cast over his family to follow his daughter for the rest of her life. Instead, he has already arranged a perfect match for Rachel. She is to marry Levi Fischer without argument.

Both Rachel and Samuel are devastated at the news. They live in a community where a parent’s wishes are respected and followed without question.

Can Rachel find happiness with a man she doesn’t love? Will Samuel be able to win back the bishop’s trust after his sister’s betrayal? This sweet Amish romance follows the journey of true love and the many challenges it faces in a strict Amish community. The rules are to be followed and the heart is to be ignored. Or can Samuel and Rachel change the rules?