Lonely Amish Hearts Collection

Embrace the warmth and simplicity of Amish life with this collection of 20 clean romance stories.

From budding romances and second chances at love to unexpected homecomings and the power of forgiveness, these stories celebrate the tender moments that shape the lives of the Amish.

This inspirational collection contains these stories:

The Storm of Love
A storm was coming, and Anna feared she could do nothing to stop it from hurting those she cared about.

Unwanted Love
Sarah’s parents want her to marry, but their suitable match ideas differ entirely from hers.

Waiting for Love
Heartbreak and anguish are daily companions to Anna and Aaron. They don’t know if they will cope with the pain at times.

The Amish Gift
A childless Amish woman. A questioning of faith. Can love and understanding find a way?

The Lost Love
Ruth, Anna, and Samuel spent idyllic days together as carefree children. Then fate snatched it away.

Amish Anguish
A young Amish Widow. A handsome Englisch lawyer. And a ruthless man that can’t understand the error of his ways.

The Love of an Amish Father
A son burdened with his father’s sins. An Amish girl robbed of everything. Can love find a way through the pain and hurt?

Amish Dreams
A new start in a remote community. A guilty misunderstanding. And dreams that he believes can never be achieved.

The Amish Cradle
Another success for the town matchmaker. A devastating loss. And an unlikely friendship that could help restore lost faith.

Lovina’s Choice
An unexpected homecoming. A rocky relationship. An Amish love triangle that will have you wondering.

Falling in Love with Christmas
An adopted Amish orphan, a wealthy Amish farmer, stunning Amish quilts and a Christmas that changes lives forever.

The Heartbroken Amish Girl
An unexpected parting. A handsome stranger. A choice is coming that could change Esther’s life forever.

The Lost Voice
A tragedy that changed everything. A newcomer to the community with his secrets. Can love heal the heartbreak and pain?

Becoming Amish
A handsome Amish man. A woman desperate for a more simple life. Can the pressures of the past be put aside for a new future?

Amish Heartache
An arranged relationship. A childhood friend. A brave choice needs to be made that can ensure everyone is happy.

The Amish Love Seat
A strange Amish community belief. A young Amish girl with no time or plans to marry. And a matchmaker with plans of her own.

The Amish Christmas Memory Book
A childless Amish couple, an old book of heartbreaking Christmas stories from the past and fear that history is repeating.

The Amish Midwife
A young woman content to bring happiness to others. A horrific turn of events. Emma must rebuild her confidence and trust again.

The Sunday Singing
A young Amish girl who just wanted the opportunity to love. A brother seeing dangers and hurt everywhere. Can sense be seen in the madness?

The Amish Seamstress
Childhood friendships can turn into something more – a questioning of faith like no other.