Love’s Shadow

Two feuding brothers and a beautiful girl: A forbidden love triangle in the heart of Amish country.

Ruth’s childhood was filled with memories of the Weaver brothers, Daniel and Amos.

While Amos always protected her from Daniel’s cruel bullying, Ruth still found herself drawn to the older brother’s charm and good looks as she grew older.

But Daniel is drawn to the English way of life as he indulges in his own desires and neglects his responsibilities. While the older brother bends their community’s rules, Amos works tirelessly to keep the family farm running.

Amos feels helpless as he watches the brother he has always been in the shadow of winning the heart of the young woman he loves. How can he hope to win against his brother’s charismatic charm?

When Daniel’s feelings about the Amish way of life come to a head, Ruth is left with a life-altering choice that will change everything forever.

A tale of love, betrayal, and family in the Amish community.

Will Ruth’s heart be won by charm or by true love? Can Ruth’s faith help her find her true path?

A sweet Amish romance that will make you question what truly matters in love.