Rachel’s Gift

A married woman now, Rachel has to face more challenges than ever before. Will her faith be enough to help her make it through this time?

After marrying her best friend and the love of her life, Thomas, Rachel is overjoyed to find out she’s pregnant, but the joy is short-lived. Left yearning for a child, Rachel finds herself feeling like an incompetent wife and fears Thomas might leave her.

When she learns her childhood friend, Stephen and his wife are expecting, her sadness is amplified at being unable to have a child of her own. While supporting Stephen and Katie with the arrival of their newborn, Rachel tries to focus on her marriage instead.

But fate has a different path planned, one that neither Rachel nor Thomas could have ever imagined. Faced with loss, illness and other unforeseen challenges, Thomas and Rachel need to put their faith in God to help them through. They had their happily-ever-after but now it all hangs in the balance.

In this third installment of Rachel’s story, you will be taken on an emotional journey that reminds us that life doesn’t always go as planned and in those times it’s imperative to rely on faith to guide us through.