Rachel’s Joy (Rachel Miller Book 2)

Rachel had lost her mother when she was young, and now she couldn’t stand to let go of her father.

Ever since she could remember it had been the three of them. Rachel, Stephen and Thomas. They had been the best of friends, the closest of allies. It was Stephen and Thomas who had helped her get through when her mother passed away. But they were no longer children and it was time Rachel admitted which of her friends she loved more.

After a two-year courtship with Thomas, Rachel turned down his marriage proposal. Now two years later, Rachel wonders if she has done the right thing. She couldn’t stand the thought of leaving her father and moving on with her own life, especially not after everything he has done for her over the years. But that doesn’t matter now, because Thomas is courting Katie Smock.

When her father sets her up with Stephen, Rachel looks at her other friend through the eyes of a young lady for the first time. Had she fallen in love with the wrong friend two years ago? And why did Thomas seem jealous of her renewed friendship with Stephen?

Find out now in this heartwarming tale about love and family-ties that will remind you of the important things in life and that sometimes it’s good to let go.