Rachel’s Loss: Rachel Miller, Book 1

A journey of a father and a daughter finding each other after loss and heartache.  

Rachel Miller lost her mother when she was only seven years old. At that young age, she didn’t really understand why her mother had died or why God had taken her from this Earth, but she did understand the sadness in her father’s eyes. 

Noah Miller loved his wife more than life itself, but left with a little girl to care for, he feels lost. His daughter’s questions are questions he doesn’t have the answers to and no amount of prayer gives him the answers he needs. Feeling lost amidst a storm of heartache and grief, Noah knows he needs to find Rachel a new mother. 

At first, Rachel is excited when her father announces she’ll have a new mother. But things aren’t as they seem and soon Rachel learns that not all women love children and some women can be deceitful without remorse. Feeling even more lost and unwelcome in her own home, Rachel is left with only one option, to run away. 

Will Noah realize that his new wife is driving his daughter away from home? Can Rachel cope with losing another parent? Find out now in this sweet Amish novel that deals with real emotions as Rachel and Noah try to find their way back to each other and their faith.