Sarah’s Heart

When a fire destroys Sarah’s home and takes her family, she’s left destitute with an orphan to care for.

Sarah’s engagement to Levi Troyer had been arranged by her father. With two farming families, it was the perfect way to unite their properties. But unbeknownst to Sarah’s family, Levi isn’t the man he pretends to be.

Sarah and her nephew are taken in by the Mast family after the disaster. They welcome her to stay until her wedding to Levi. But as the weeks pass Levi makes it clear that he won’t raise the child. Without an income or home, Sarah is left with little option but to agree with him.

But Eli Mast has other plans. He’s had feelings for Sarah for years.

Can Eli win Sarah’s heart when it’s already been promised to another? Will Sarah give her nephew up for a new life? This sweet Amish romance will charm you whilst reminding you that faith is the answer to all challenges.