Seeking Naomi’s Heart

Expected paths. Forbidden passions. Naomi’s choice.

Naomi Bawell has a secret.

She is a twenty-four Amish girl but isn’t courting, which is a grave concern to her parents. They decide that matters can’t be allowed to continue and play matchmaker. Elmer Fischer is the young man they have in mind and the answer to their prayers.

Only Naomi’s best friend knows her secret; she is in love with their older boss at the coffee shop, Englischer Marcus. Sarah has tried to warn her their love can never be. Sarah’s younger brother, Levi, has told her about the rumors surrounding him. But Naomi is so blinded by her infatuation her friends’ warnings risk driving them apart.

A series of life-changing events forces Naomi to confront the fragility of life and the depths of her heart. She stands at a lonely crossroads, knowing that the wrong path can only lead to heartache.

Can her eyes be genuinely opened, or will her version of events only deepen her feelings for her boss?

Will a hero emerge to save Naomi from the path everyone has warned her about? Can she find the courage to see the truth? And when all is said and done, whose heart will claim hers?

Dive into this sweet Amish romance and let your heart navigate through love, deceit, and loss.