The Amish Christmas Memory Book

A childless Amish couple, an old book of heartbreaking Christmas stories from the past and a fear that history is repeating. For Katie Lantz Christmas joy is in short supply.

As a child Katie dreamed of being given the Amish community Christmas Memory book to record her own thoughts. The Bishop gave the ancient book to a newly married couple at Christmas. They would record their own memories in it until the birth of their first child, then the book would pass to another couple at Christmas.

It was a tradition that had been followed in their community for well over a century. When Eli Lantz played with Katie in the snow all of those years ago, he never thought that one day she would become his wife. He never thought about the fabled book in the same way as Katie. When they were chosen to be given the Christmas memory book, Katie was thrilled.

She read the old stories with wonder and joy. As the years progressed and the Lantz’s failed to have the baby they dreamed of, she considered the book a millstone around her neck. She feared that somehow history was repeating. Katie faces a choice; trust in god’s will or break the centuries old traditions of her community.

Will heartbreaking memories of the past, turn into nightmares of the present? Will Christmas finally become a time of joy and happiness for Katie and Eli? Will everything they dreamed of, finally be delivered?