The Amish Farmer

Wayne Troyer has fallen on hard times and there’s no possible way out.

After his mamm passed away, Wayne and his father did their best to keep the family farm viable. But a few bad harvests and his mother’s medical bills made it impossible to get ahead. When his father is unexpectedly killed, Wayne is at his wits end. With only a few months and one more harvest to save the family farm, he is all out of options.

Sarah King’s family have neighbored the Troyer farm all her life. She’s always admired Wayne from afar, but Wayne’s only ever had eyes for her beautiful sister, Fannie. When she hears of Wayne’s problems it seems that God sets Sarah on a mission to help him. Although Sarah can’t stand the thought of standing by while Wayne fawns over her sister, she will do whatever is within her means to help him.

While Wayne is working his fingers to the bone to save the farm, he barely notices Sarah’s efforts. Sarah sees to all the tasks Wayne hasn’t the time to see to. Wayne makes use of Sarah’s company to learn all he can about Fannie, oblivious of Sarah’s love for him.

Will Wayne finally see what’s right before him? Can Sarah continue to help a man who doesn’t even notice her? This sweet Amish novel deals with the everyday struggles of an Amish farmer trying to find love. Get your copy now to be swept off your feet as Wayne tries to save his farm while finding love.