The Amish Farmer’s Daughter

When her mother passed away, Abigail mourned. But two long years later, she was concerned that her father hadn’t yet stopped mourning their loss. 

While Abigail tried to move on with her life, her father retreated to his chair. He sat in that chair day in and day out, watching as the seasons and life passed him by. With bills mounting and the farm work piling up, they had hired Aaron as their farm hand. 

But he was no longer able to take on the ever-increasing demands, left as he was to single-handedly keep the farm running. Abigail found herself with no choice but to take the reins. 

Although she and Aaron tried to manage it all, a point comes where not even everything is enough. Abigail is forced into a job at the coffee shop in town, working 10-hour shifts every weekday, as well as doing her chores and duties on the farm and in the house. Knowing she can’t keep up the pace, she also knows that it is up to her to keep the farm. At all costs. 

When Abigail’s now frail body and mind fail to handle the demands made on them, matters take a turn for the worst. 

What will it take for Jacob to realize that his daughter needs him? Can Aaron finally find the courage to admit his love for Abigail and his willingness to do whatever it takes for her to get better? Or will God send an angel to help them all? Find out now in this sweet Amish romance that will take you on a journey of loss, love, and hope.