The Amish Girl Who Lives Next Door

An Amish heart. An English soul. A forbidden romance.

In a world divided by tradition and progress, the Amish Lehman family collide with their new English neighbors, the Andersons. The chasm isn’t just a fence, it’s a wall of age-old beliefs and values.

Caught in this whirlwind, nineteen-year-old Sarah Lehman unexpectedly falls for the forbidden Joe Anderson, the handsome son from next door.

Charmed by Sarah’s strength, Joe can’t resist the pull between them. Despite familial disapproval and social scorn, their bond deepens, fortified by clandestine encounters and the support of an unlikely ally.

As Sara’s loyalties to her faith and community are tested, Joe grapples with a life-altering decision – a choice that could forever change their fates. But he was oblivious to the impending storm of heartache his decision may unleash.

Amidst stark differences and brewing tension, can their extraordinary love weather the storm? Can the fence that separates them be destroyed so their destinies can lie together?