The Amish Ice-cream Girl

Ambition, friendship, and loyalty are tested when a young Amish girl follows her dream.

Martha Mueller opened her first ice-cream stand when she was only sixteen years old. The Creamery demanded a lot of her time and innovation, but Martha enjoyed every minute of it.

Noah Fischer is a poultry farmer. Although he loves farming, he knows that there must be more outlets for them to sell their poultry. When he asks Martha if she’d sell his poultry in her shop, Noah finds himself infatuated and tongue-tied.

Peter Yoder has just returned from Rumspringa in the Englisch world. During the last year, he learned much about business and instead of joining the family bakery, he wants to prove himself as a business consultant. His first order of business is to turn The Creamery into the biggest success their community has ever seen.

When both Noah and Peter fall for the delightful Martha, matters become complicated. Success is fed by greed and loyalties are turned. Who will win Martha’s heart? Enjoy this charming Amish tale of romance, friendship and always putting values first.