The Amish Midwife’s Daughter

As a midwife’s daughter, Ruth had seen it all, or at least most of it.

When her mother is called to an emergency delivery in the dead of night, Ruth accompanies her. She takes care of the younger children and meets Moses King. After being away for three years, Moses King has returned from Ohio as a wiser farmer and a way more attractive man. Their connection is instant and for the first time, Ruth finds herself thinking of the future.

Ruth’s joy is short-lived when she learns that Moses is courting Elizabeth Beiler. Although beautiful, Elizabeth’s heart is tainted with vanity, pride, and selfishness. A chance encounter leaves Ruth devastated and wondering how Moses could even be interested in such a self-centered person.

Moses finds himself attracted to Ruth but knows he is already courting Elizabeth. When Elizabeth’s behavior spirals out of control, Moses has finally had enough. He vows to seek a future with someone more fitting. There is an obvious choice, but there are differences that have to be overcome. Help could come from the most unlikely source.

Can Moses and Ruth find a way to love each other regardless of the past and her fear of having children? Will Elizabeth hurt more people or will she learn the error of her ways? Find out now in this sweet Amish romance that will have you dreaming of happily ever afters and the strong bond of family.