The Amish New Year’s Tale

A widow, a disheartened bachelor and the New Year’s tale that might give them a second chance at love.

When Esther lost her husband, she was devastated. A few weeks later she learned she was with child. A lonely, grieving widow, expecting her first born was not how she imagined her first years of marriage.

Aaron had once given his heart to a woman. He had dreamed of a future filled with love and hope only to have those hopes disintegrate when his bride ran off with an Englischer on their wedding day. He vowed never to love again, never to chance his heart on a woman again and so far it had paid off. His farm was his only priority, the only thing he could rely on.

When Esther’s son, Eli, asks Aaron to help them load a bag of flour onto their buggy, Aaron’s world begins to shift. For the first time he begins to think of the future again, but he knows that capturing the widow’s heart will be the biggest challenge he’s ever faced. As he comes to form a bond with the son, he can feel the mother moving further from his reach.

Can Aaron find a way to break through the barriers around Esther’s grieving heart? Will Esther ever allow herself to be happy again? Find out now in this sweet Amish romance that will make you dream of happily ever afters and believe in the miracles a new year can bring.