The Amish Patchwork Family

Can a Patchwork family come together? 

Naomi can’t wait to get married and have a family, but sometimes Gott’s plans aren’t our own.  

When Beth, Naomi’s sister, lost her husband unexpectedly, Naomi knew she couldn’t let her sister face the grief alone. With two little boys and a baby on the way, Naomi put her own life on hold to help Beth deal with the grief, the pregnancy, and the children. 

Naomi and Isaac had been courting for a few months, but ever since Beth’s husband passed away, Isaac couldn’t help but feel neglected. He knows Naomi needs to support her sister, but surely she can’t ignore him completely. 

Beth encourages Naomi to spend more time with Isaac, which leaves Naomi feeling guilty when Beth faces unforeseen complications following the premature onset of labor. Faced with mortality, Isaac supports Naomi every step of the way, but when she makes a life-altering decision on his behalf, it might just be too much to forgive. 

Follow this heartwarming tale of loss and love as Naomi and Isaac try to find love and a future amidst the challenges of reality. Can Naomi think of her own future and step away from her sister? Or does her sister hold the future Naomi never imagined living? Find out today in this sweet Amish romance