The Amish Wedding Match

Another broken courtship. A meddling mother. And a brush with death that changes everything.

Naomi Schrock is at a crossroads. After breaking off a brief courtship, her mother is eager to play matchmaker and find her daughter a suitable husband.

Handsome Amish farmer Leroy Smoker seems a perfect choice.

But when Naomi goes on a buggy ride with him, she doesn’t feel a magical spark. She thinks that there is an obvious barrier to their relationship.

When Naomi’s life is put in danger, she finds herself rescued by a most unlikely man. She knows she must choose between her mother’s ideas and her own heart.

When her best friend Elizabeth Weaver announces that she is marrying Elijah Hershberger in a matter of weeks, Naomi plots the perfect scheme to ensure she ends up with the right man for her.

However, Naomi is soon to find that the path to true love never runs smoothly.

Enjoy this sweet spin-off Amish romance story from the Hershberger sisters series.