The Beekeeper

Anna Lapp is a beautiful young woman but to her mother’s disappointment, Anna isn’t very interested in courting. When her mother sets her up with handsome Moses Miller, Anna is furious at first. But the more Moses happens to stop by, the more Anna finds herself charmed by the handsome man.

Stephen Stoltzfus is a farmer who keeps to himself. When a beautiful girl stumbles into his hives Stephen finds himself intrigued for the first time in his life by something other than bees.

While Anna and Moses’ courtship continues, she finds a connection with Stephen she never expected. He is a man of little words, but when he does speak, Anna finds herself falling for him a little more every time. She distances herself from him to honor her courtship with Moses, knowing that to Stephen nothing will ever matter more than his bees.

Can Moses give Anna the happily ever after she’s looking for? Or will a secret be revealed that changes Anna’s life forever? Find out now in this charming tale of young Amish romance and the struggles that comes with falling in love.