The Boy She Never Forgot

A lost friendship. A new courtship. And a surprise homecoming that will change everything.

Sarah Schlabach lost her childhood best friend, Lloyd Yoder after a tragic event tore them apart. Despite moving on with her life and courting handsome Paul Graber, she never forgot about Lloyd.

But when an Englischer stranger enters the community, Sarah’s world is turned upside down. The stranger turns out to be Lloyd, and Sarah must choose between reconnecting with her long-lost friend or following her new boyfriend’s expectations and shunning him.

With her future hanging in the balance, Sarah must make a difficult decision that will have far-reaching consequences. 

Will she embrace the past and reunite with her childhood friend, despite it costing her a future with Paul? A sweet Amish romance that tells us that sometimes fate gives us a second chance to make things right and the only way to find yourself is to reconnect with the past.