The False Christmas Love

An Amish girl without a boyfriend, an Amish boy without a girlfriend, two sets of pressuring parents and a secret scheme to give everyone peace over the Christmas holidays.

Susie is still unmarried and getting old, at least in her parent’s eyes. As another Christmas comes around and Susie isn’t courting, her parents start to put on pressure. They are determined not to let Susie become unwanted and without a husband.

Aaron is facing similar problems. His parents are deciding they want to play matchmaker for him. However, their ideas of someone suitable are far different from his own.

A chance meeting with Susie and an exchange of stories results in an audacious plan which both believe will give them some respite from their overbearing parents over the holiday season.

However, the situation quickly escalates. Susie and Aaron find themselves thrust together more than they ever imagined.

Susie is faced with a dilemma; keep up with the charade or confess everything, despite the disappointment it will cause.

Can love be found even through a pretence? Will two hearts become one? Can Christmas change everything, and will things ever be the same again?