The Hershberger Sisters: Anna

When fate seems to turn against her, Anna Hershberger starts to lose her faith.

The Hershberger’s were once a happy family. But all that changed when their father died unexpectedly. Anna, the eldest daughter, began to pitch in to help her mother in their bakery and with raising her two younger sisters, Esther and Katie.

With the passing of Anna’s mother after a brutal battle against cancer a few years later, Anna is left alone to take care of both the bakery and her sisters. Her beau, Daniel Miller, is supposed to support her, but he deserts her for a life with the Englisch, leaving Anna only a note. Anna is at her wits end, struggling to hold her head above water with the storms raging in her life, when another hits.

At only nine years of age, Katie is diagnosed with childhood leukemia, leaving the sisters reeling. With no other choice, Hershberger’s bakery is closed so that Anna can take care of Katie. But a newcomer in town has been hounding her to sell him the bakery and he becomes relentless while she is caring for her sister in hospital. The time comes for Anna to make a choice: her family or her family’s legacy.

Will Anna be able to save the family bakery? Can prayers and faith save Katie’s life? Or will Anna lose everything this fall? Find out now in this sweet Amish romance that will you remind you that it doesn’t matter how heavy the burdens we carry become, there is always an angel to help. You just have to look close enough.