The Hershberger Sisters at Christmas

Can a Christmas wish make a Christmas miracle come true?

The Hershberger sisters have faced many challenges since losing their mother. But now they’re facing a different type of challenge. One they have no control over, one that is hurting Esther with every passing day.

Esther and Caleb have been trying for a baby for years. But after much loss, grief, and sadness, they had all but given up. When Anna suggests wishing for a Christmas miracle, neither Caleb nor Esther believe it will bring results. Until Esther falls pregnant a few months later.

This pregnancy comes with challenges of its own. As Esther and Caleb try to navigate the fear from their past experiences, the community and family band together to help their Christmas wish become a reality.

Will Esther finally become a mother, or is time for Caleb to accept that he was never meant to be a father? Find out now in this sweet Amish Christmas romance. Step into Hope Falls and visit the Hershberger sisters and witness how they not only turn to faith for guidance but how family can rally together in a time of need.