The Hershberger Sisters Collection (5 Book Box Set)

The entire saga of The Amish Hershberger Sisters in one complete collection.

Go on a unique journey with three extraordinary sisters as they experience the heartaches and joys of Amish life.

Also, enjoy a brand new Hersberger prequel story – “The Courtship.”

This five-book collection contains the following stories:

The Courtship
Elizabeth Weaver is asked on a buggy ride by Elijah Hershberger. She says yes but then begins to have second thoughts. For Elizabeth, love is the only thing stronger than fate.
Experience a remarkable Amish courtship in this special prequel.

Anna Hershberger, the eldest of three sisters, is left alone to care for both the bakery and her siblings after their parent’s deaths. When another tragedy strikes, Anna is forced to choose between her family and her family’s legacy.
When all seems lost, love is the light that guides the way.

Esther Hershberger wants to leave her Amish community to explore the world, but her sister Anna won’t let her go on a Rumspringa. Everything changes when Daniel Miller, an old family friend, returns to town, and Esther falls for him. Will Esther find the life she desires, or will she realize what she’s been looking for has been right in front of her all along?
When tradition and love collide, faith is all that is left.

Shy Katie takes on a new challenge when she agrees to be a nanny for a widower and his newborn daughter, but as she forms a bond with them, she must confront the reality that their love can never be due to their cultural differences. Will Katie find love or heartache when she opens her heart to a stranger for the first time?
A story of love, loss, and the power of family

The Hershberger Sisters at Christmas
One sister and her husband have been trying for a baby for years, but after much loss, grief and sadness, they have all but given up. When there is a suggestion of wishing for a Christmas miracle, they are sceptical…but faith often provides the answers when all is lost.