The Hershberger Sisters: Katie

Katie was always shy, but can she put her shyness aside to help a widower in need?

Of the three Hershberger sisters, Katie has always shied away from strangers, preferring to take care of Anna’s twins and their home to interacting with strangers outside of her family. But when Anna mentions a family in desperate need of a nanny, she can’t say no.

Her love for children leads her to instantly fall in love with May. May’s mother is slowly fading away due to cancer, and her baby is only a week old. Katie forms a bond with Stella and Marcus, but fate holds cruel intent.

While taking care of May and keeping house for Marcus, Katie slowly begins to fall in love. But it’s a love that can never lead to anything. May might feel like her daughter and Marcus like her soulmate, but they’re not Amish. The distance between them can never be crossed.

Will Katie find love or heartache when she opens her heart to a stranger for the first time? Can Marcus make the right decision for himself and his daughter, or will he remain a grieving widower? Katie is the last instalment of the Hershberger sisters. This heartwarming sweet Amish romance will remind you of what is important and what is not.