The Mystery Gift

Poverty, strangers, and wealthy benefactors bring hardship and chaos to the Fischer family.

Emma Fischer has her hands full. Ever since the day her best friend, Amos King, disappeared into the Englisch world, life had only become harder. First her father had passed away, leaving the farm to Emma and her mother. Now the bank was just waiting to foreclose on their farm.

When a handsome young man, David Miller, agrees to work the farm for paltry wages, Emma’s mother keeps hinting that he’s the man Emma should spend her life with. But Emma is still secretly waiting for Amos King to return. She learns that he’s become a tech magnate in the Englisch world and can’t help but admire him from afar, ignoring David’s advances completely.

When things go from bad to worse on the farm, an attorney arrives with news that could change everything.

And now they’ve heard that Amos King is coming to town.

Will Emma and Amos finally live the life she has dreamed of? Can David accept that Emma doesn’t have feelings for him? Enjoy this sweet Amish romance filled with just enough intrigue to keep you guessing until the very end.