The Orphan’s Amish Christmas

An orphan, a blizzard, and the Christmas wish that leads her home.

Carol Westwood had a rough start to life. When she lost her mother at the young age of five she was turned over to the St. Thomas orphanage. Gone were warm hugs and friendly smiles, instead her days were filled with bullies, angry looks, and small meals.

After another bout of bullying by her roommate and biggest enemy, Dorothy, Carol decides to run away. At only eight years old she has no perception of snow blizzards or the dangers of becoming lost in a winter storm. She knew only that if she wanted her Christmas wish to come true, she had to find it herself. On Christmas Eve she stumbled through the blizzard hoping to find her forever fairytale family, collapsing on the porch of the Hauptfleisch family home.

The Hauptfleisch family takes Carol in with open arms. After a few days of caring for her and making her part of their family, it’s time for Carol to go back to the orphanage. But after experiencing a magical Christmas, Carol vows never to return to the orphanage again. She’d rather join her mother in heaven than ever set a foot back in the orphanage.

Can Carol’s Christmas wish come true of finding a forever family? Will she survive another blizzard? Find out now in this heartwarming Amish tale of Christmas and family miracles.