The Protective Father

When an accident claims the life of his firstborn daughter, David Fischer becomes an overbearing and protective father.

Since the day of her sister’s accident when Ruth was only 13 years old, her whole life changed. Whereas once their home was filled with laughter and love, it was now filled with rules, control, and sadness. An accident had claimed Abigail’s life during her rumspringa and now that it was Ruth’s turn to have her own, her father’s overprotectiveness causes him to disallow her a rumspringa.

Desperate to escape her father’s overbearing control, Ruth pleads time and time again to have the opportunity to experience the Englisch world while on rumspringa. The more persistently her father refuses, the more stubborn Ruth becomes, wanting to prove a point. She isn’t allowed visits with friends, attending social gatherings, or even to go on Rumspringa so that she can be baptized – her house has become a prison.

After another argument, she finally escapes, wanting to prove to her father that she can take care of herself. But after only a few days in the Englisch city, Ruth finds herself broke, lost, hungry, and wet.

Perhaps her father was right after all?

Will Ruth manage to convince her father that she deserves a life of her own? Or will she only prove that she needs his protection and control? Find out now in this sweet Amish romance that will have you crying, laughing, and remembering the importance of the bond between a father and daughter.