The Rachel Miller Collection (3 Book Box Set)

In one of Hannah Schrock’s best-loved series, we follow the poignant journey of a young Amish woman, Rachel Miller as she navigates the turbulent waters of loss, love, and faith.

The trilogy begins with the heartrending loss of Rachel’s mother, a tragedy that leaves a young girl searching for understanding and a father grappling with grief and the daunting task of raising a child alone. Their bond is tested when Noah’s attempt to provide Rachel with a new mother brings turmoil and deceit into their home, leading Rachel to the brink of running away.

As Rachel matures, her life becomes entangled with those of her childhood friends, Stephen and Thomas, who have been her steadfast companions since they were young. As she refuses a marriage proposal from one of them, a complicated love triangle develops, and Rachel doesn’t know which way to turn.

After her decision is made, the joy of their happy union is marred by their struggles with infertility, casting a shadow over their relationship and testing their faith. Rachel’s journey through marriage is marked by trials and tribulations that test her resilience and belief in Gott’s plan for her. As she supports her friends through their own challenges, Rachel learns the value of community, faith, and the strength found in enduring love.

This collection contains the following stories :

Rachel’s Loss
Rachel’s Joy
Rachel’s Gift