The Secret Love

The return of a long-lost friend, a childless marriage, and a secret love are all tested during a winter storm.

Katie and Leroy fell in love and married within a year of knowing each other. It was the perfect fairytale romance until life’s challenges became a struggle to overcome. First, she lost her parents. The grief and the sorrow had overwhelmed her first years of marriage. When the time finally came for her to eventually be in a position to move on, her childhood friend Taylor revealed her plans to move to Europe. And all the while, Katie was struggling to conceive and to realize her dream of becoming a mother.

Taylor had been raised in the orphanage in town. A wandering through the woods as a child had brought her to the Amish community. Katie’s mother had made her feel welcome and Katie and Taylor had become best friends, irrespective of their different ways of life.

When Katie learned that Taylor was coming home, she was overjoyed. But a severe snowstorm hampers the joy of welcoming her home, bringing fears that Taylor wouldn’t be able to reach them. With the snowstorm wreaking havoc on travel, another surprise is delivered to the couple.

An abandoned baby in their barn.

Will they find the baby’s mother? Can Taylor reach them? Why has she returned from her travels so much sooner than planned? Will this winter storm bring more surprises than either Katie or Leroy could’ve foreseen? Find out now in this sweet Amish romance that will bring a new appreciation for faith even as you fall in love with a beautiful baby boy.