The Whoopie Pie Lady

How a whoopie pie recipe can change a life…

Emma Weaver was raised by her grandmother. For years, Margaret was known as the best baker in the community, and on her death bed, she shared her baking secrets with her only granddaughter Emma.

Abe Raber had always admired Emma from afar. When he managed to land a job in her new bakery as a server, he was elated. It did not matter to him that Emma was now his boss; he only cared that he would finally be able to spend more time with her and that hopefully, in time, she would notice him.

When Emma’s whoopie pies made news state-wide and an Englisch network executive arrived at the bakery, her whole world turned upside down. Jason Martin offered her fame and fortune and a platform to showcase her baking skills. It was the opportunity of a lifetime, but Abe was firmly intent on ruining it for her.

Can challenges be disguised as opportunities? Will Emma be able to weather the storm that’s to come? Where does Emma’s heart truly belong? Find out now in this sweet Amish romance that will make you realize that, sometimes, it’s best to close the door when opportunity knocks, because although the rewards might be great, the losses can be even greater.