When Christmas Is Over

When the holiday season ends, Sarah’s real story begins.

Sarah Peachy’s heart fluttered with anticipation, not just for the forthcoming festive season but because her friends had convinced her that her old school friend, Peter Ebersole, was about to ask her to court.

She had wanted it for years, but it had never happened. But she knew that Christmas was a time for miracles, and its magic might draw them together.

Yet, Peter is a man shadowed by secrets, his past a hidden chapter, and the festive season reminded him of memories he’d rather forget. He was always glad when the New Year was here.

When the Peachy’s horse, Star, falls ill, a handsome Englischer vet called Kyle comes to treat him. Kyle’s arrival brings more than just healing; he finds in Sarah a kindred spirit, a window into the Amish way of life that fascinates him.

When Christmas is over, Sarah finds herself having to make a choice she never thought she would have to make.